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The Gowanus Experiment is a teacher-run space.  We come together to practice various forms of yoga and healing modalities in an intimate community.  Less than two decades ago you had to know someone who knew a yoga teacher and then get invited to the teacher's home or the basement of a VFW hall.  There you practiced, experimented (really) with a group of fellow seekers.  There were no trends or gimmicks, it was all about the yoga.  Okay maybe you don't remember this... but it was really special trust me :) Yoga studios are amazing - we love them, and it's wonderful so many people have been exposed and benefited from yoga.  We want to bring it back old school.  An experience different than that of the typical studio setting.  Come to our warehouse - try something different.  


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119 8th Street, Suite 205

Brooklyn, NY  11215


If you’re interested in joining us, the building access code is published on our private Facebook group page.  Either email us to be invited or request to join directly from our link:

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